Residents become USAPA certified referees

Ford Roberson and Fred Thompson

Ford Roberson and Fred Thompson

During the past year, two of Robson Ranch’s most committed pickleball players have been going through a ten step process to become USAPA Certified Referees. In the pickleball world this is the highest accomplishment. Once you are certified, you are considered a professional referee. At this time, there are only 35 in the entire United States and only eight east of the Continental Divide. Two of them are members of RRDPC.

Fred Thompson is currently serving the RRDPC (Robson Ranch Denton Pickleball Club) as the Director of Player Development. Fred recently gained his certification as a CPTP (certified pickleball teaching professional) from IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) and provides lessons for students wanting to improve the quality of their play. Since gaining his USAPA referee certification, he has provided referee training for the club as well. As a pickleball tournament competitor, Fred has played and medaled in many states across our country. Congratulations to Mr. Thompson on all his accomplishments in 2016.

Ford Roberson is serving as the president of the pickleball club here at the Ranch. Ford became a certified referee just prior to the USAPA’s National Tournament recently held at Palm Creek, Casa Grande, Arizona. Only certified referees were allowed to referee medal matches at this year’s national tournament, Ford was fortunate to be able to referee two gold medal matches. Mr. Roberson was selected to serve as the Regional Director for IPTPA and is the certifying agent of CPTP’s in a multiple state area. Having traveled across the country to play in every major pickleball event, Ford has now placed in all of these tournaments.

Robson Ranch Pickleball Club is proud to have these men providing dedicated services for the benefit of club members.