Residents enjoy using the Robson Ranch Library

Approximately 30-35 residents visit the Robson Ranch Library daily. We thought you would want to meet some of these individuals and learn how and why they make use of the various assets within the library. The first residents that we would like you to meet are Marilyn and Glenn Hayes. Actually, Marilyn requested that she write a paragraph summarizing their use of the library. That paragraph is as follows.

“My husband and I really enjoy the library at Robson Ranch. Being near a library was one of the priorities in choosing a retirement community in which we wanted to live! This library is so convenient and is a great place to relax and enjoy reading books, magazines and now newspapers! Also, I have always used the computers which are available for researching. The library here is always very organized and offers materials that we both enjoy reading and using. I especially enjoy the puzzles too! Having the library here at the Ranch also saves us trips into Denton. The location in the Ranch is great too for us and is within walking distance from our home.”

Many thanks to Marilyn and Glenn for providing their input about their experiences with the library. We will look forward to meeting other residents and learning how they make use of this great facility. Finally, please don’t forget Friends of the Library which organizes and presents activities associated with the library. Information regarding Friends of the Library may be obtained on your next trip in!