Road Runners have a “Ticket to Ride” on the classical mystery tour

Road Runners come together for a Beatles tribute.

Road Runners come together for a Beatles tribute.

Vicki Baker

Imagine The Beatles playing in concert with a symphony orchestra. What would that have sounded like? Road Runners found out when Classical Mystery Tour performed with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra at the Botanical Gardens on the evening of June 4. Forty-three club members enjoyed a sensational summer outing including The Beatles’ classics Yesterday, Hey Jude, Twist and Shout and All You Need is Love.

The unpredictable and unseasonably rainy weather throughout May and June had kept many Robson Ranchers indoors. The week had started off with thunderstorm after thunderstorm. But by Saturday morning we saw the clouds move on and the skies cleared; that evening the weather was perfect for a concert under the stars. Despite the sodden ground, our spirits couldn’t be dampened even as we sloshed through the mud to reach our reserved tables at the concert. Toting our picnic baskets and coolers, we set our tables and feasted on cheeses, sandwiches, fried chicken, desserts and of course wine!

Many Beatles’ fans who never had the opportunity to experience the band live now had the chance to listen to the greatest music ever written and recorded being performed by the faux Fab Four. The four musicians in Classical Mystery Tour looked and sounded just like John, Paul, George and Ringo. The full show presented some 30 Beatles’ tunes sung, played and performed exactly as they were written. Saturday’s performance scored high with the audience, and we stood and cheered for more and the band played several more notable songs. With the band leaving the stage after their encore appearance, the sky boomed and suddenly lit up with a spectacular fireworks display.

The Beatles remain the best-selling musical artists probably forever, and summer with the symphony is always a welcome surprise. Road Runners continues exploring the unknown, embarking on new adventures and forming lasting memories. Visit us at to see our upcoming excursions.