Robson Ranch Music Club is a Hummin’ Bout Things a’ Comin’

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

The Robson Ranch Music Club has a couple of dynamite events that has them humming. The Robson Ranch Community Choir has been on a well-deserved break after their last concert. Christmas at the Ranch was well, to put it simply, “brilliant” and well received. The choir will soon be back at rehearsal preparing for their next concert. I am sure while on hiatus though, they have been indeed humming, not only about upcoming events but actually humming. You see humming is really good for you! As vocalists know, humming is often used as a warm up for the vocal cords and a way to relax the facial muscles. Humming also has many other therapeutic benefits, such as a way to center yourself and instill calmness. It also puts a smile on your face. You cannot hum wearing a frown. The vibration is known to improve sinusitis while the slower breathing helps to lower heart rate. Humming helps to dissolve unproductive thinking, thus bringing a sense of calm that can actually lower blood pressure. Humming has long been used as a mantra during meditation to revitalize cells and energize one’s “chakra”. So, go ahead and start humming. But what the Music Club and choir is humming about besides keeping their voices in shape, is their upcoming events.

The first event is the annual St. Patrick’s Day Karaoke and Dance Party. The Music Club sponsors this event every year, which happens to be one of the Ranch’s best parties. You certainly don’t need to be Irish to join in on the fun. Folks here are known for really bringing the “Green” and busting out in their best “Irish Jig”. Save the date, Friday, March 13 at 7 p.m. in the Clubhouse. Tickets will be on sale beginning Monday, Feb. 24 in the lobby of the Clubhouse from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Cost is only $10.

Another wonderful event to be humming and abuzzing about is the Robson Ranch Community Choir’s Spring Concert. Director Arturo Ortega gave everyone at the Christmas Concert a tease when he announced the theme for the concert, Songs of the ’70s. He also suggested folks in attendance come wearing their favorite ’70s attire! Dude no way! Can you just see it now? Just wait until you hear what songs they are singing! Just some of the best music ever. That’s what! How about, How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees and the movie Saturday Night Fever. Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder as well as the hopeful What the World Need Now by musical geniuses Bert Bachrach and Hal David, and from Carol King You’ve Got A Friend? Oh my! Now I am seeing way too many psychedelic colors, bell bottoms, leisure suits, hot pants and blue eye-shadow. I’m going to hum a little and clear my head, so I can tell you when this mind-blowing event is going to happen. Mark your calendar for April 18 at 7 p.m. and the 19th at 4 p.m. Cost will be, again, only $10! Folks, you do not want to miss this one! Now you too know what all the hummin’ is about. These are two extraordinary events being brought to the Robson Community for all to enjoy.

Let me also bring your attention to The Robson Ranch Music Club website which is Here you will find all the club’s upcoming events such as dances, concerts, and audition dates for new choir members as well as pictures of past events. Go to the website and keep informed on all club news and maybe even see a really nice picture of yourself.