Robson Ranch Softball Association hosts Denton Freedom House and Denton Bible Church at the Field of Dreams

Clyde Ziegler

Every year the Robson Ranch Softball Association (RRSA) invites a team of young men from Denton Freedom House to play a game of softball. The invitation isn’t about the game. It is about giving these men, who are battling alcohol and substance abuse, a chance as a group to enjoy each other and their families. We are honored to have them and their families spend time together with us here at our ballfield in Robson Ranch.

Freedom House is a wonderful place and a wonderful story. Their care and recovery model provides a residential approach, free of charge, that brings these men into relationships with others who have found the way out and who can model what a godly home, marriage, and family is supposed to look like. Freedom House covenants to walk with every man that comes into their ministry through every phase of his rehabilitation and maturation, until together, they walk with these men across the finish line of life.

This year we were blessed as Denton Bible Church, also a supporter of the Freedom House, joined us in welcoming these men and their families. Senior Pastor Tommy Nelson and Senior Life Director Michael Spencer not only came but played ball and led us in prayer. A very special thank you to Denton Bible Church.

So, a team of men from Denton Bible, a team of men from Freedom House, and a team of men from Robson Ranch had a very nice, very friendly, round-robin softball tournament on Saturday, Oct. 5.  The winners? The men of Freedom House as well as the men representing Denton Bible Church and Robson Ranch Softball Association.

As with every event sponsored by the RRSA, it cannot be done without the unbelievable support from our members. This year, Louis Berthold, supported by Dianna Johnson, spear-headed our efforts. The volunteers totaled thirty-five people who gave their time in the following areas: umpiring (8), cooking/service (6), parking (3), photography (2), press-box (5), and setup/teardown (11). A special thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all these volunteers.

Umpires: Greg Laffey, Bob Laderach, Dean French, Bob Collins, Bob Kuhfuss, Gene Deputy, Steve Ventura, and Tim Dotson.

Press-Box: Gary King, Pat Lewis, Kathy Escamilla, and Dale Hill.

Cooking/Serving: Ken Rogus, Larry Lewis, Steve Bentley, Liz Malone.

Parking: Debbie Hinson, Greg Laffey, Danny Thomas.

Photography: David Laschinger and Jan Goodwin.

Setup/Teardown: Stan Isbell, Jerry Bennett, Dale Hill, Steve Bentley, Ron Schwertner, Pat Powers, Bob Hoffenberg, Mick Calverley, Ken Rogus, and Jerry Hinson.

There are many more of you who rolled up your sleeves to pitch in and we did not record your names; but thank you. And a special thank you to Gary and Marilyn Winter who donated all the ice.

Every one of you touched the lives of these men and their families when we welcomed them to our community.