Robson Ranch Voices United working for a cool cause

Voices United - the heat relief team.

Voices United – the heat relief team.

Vicki Baker

Summer is here and the temperatures are steadily rising. Time for the air conditioner. Well, not for everyone. Unfortunately, many elderly in Denton County have no air conditioning or do without because of their inability to pay the soaring utility bills. Stepping in to lend a helping hand, Voices United partnered again this year with Interfaith Ministries to provide new box and oscillating fans to seniors in the Denton community.

Through the generosity of fellow Robson Ranchers, Voices United collected 43 fans and greater than $1300 in cash donations. The collections were delivered to Interfaith Ministries, who in turn will deliver the donations and/or fans to Denton residents who are without a way of cooling their homes. Providing relief from dangerous Texas summer heat is a service critical to vulnerable clients, especially the medically fragile and very old. And since fans are much more affordable to run, they are a sustainable option for those who cannot afford high electricity bills.

What began as a simple idea, a few fans and a mission to make the summers safer for seniors, has had a monumental impact on the health and well-being of the recipients. Heat relief – an issue any Texan can relate to!