Robson Riders: Barbecue is good for you!

The Robson Riders

The Robson Riders

Stan Brein

Well some riders were eager to take advantage of the first scheduled ride under the new riding format. The second Tuesday of the month will generally be a breakfast or lunch ride with the fourth Tuesday reserved for a full day ride or a dinner ride. Rides will be scheduled several weeks in advance and announced through MyGrove for all to see and sign up. We want to hear about your favorite ride and follow you to that destination. Step up and let us know the route so it can be scheduled.

On Tuesday, June 13, Mike Conley dared us to eat at one of his favorite places, Soda Springs BarBQ in White Settlement. It was close enough to get some good riding practice with a larger group and have a great meal to boot! With Chairman Mike and Marti Conley in the lead, the group departed from the Clubhouse at about 11:00 a.m. Martin and Brenda Munoz, Ride Captain Ed and Elaine Barnett, John Nagy, Norm Zilinsky, Publicity Chair Stan Brein, Chuck Boggess, Steve Haugen and Andy Cartwright took off on their bikes. Communication chair Scott Baker rode chase in his cage while awaiting completion of radio work on his newly acquired Gold Wing Trike.

To avoid the 35W construction and take in some scenery, we viewed the major construction going on along Hwy 156. Intersecting Hwy 114 was a nightmare until John deftly took us through the Northwest ISD complex and we continued down 156. Managing a group of nine is challenging, but we stayed together in sight distance for the most part. As we cruised along IH820 several F-16s zipped over us on their way to the Ft. Worth Naval Air Station. We’re not sure if they tipped their wings, but Conley took credit for it anyway.

Soda Springs is a funky place, down home and nicely decorated. The food is commendable, delicious and ample for the price. Lunch, conversation and looking at the memorabilia was a great break before heading back to the Ranch. We will definitely be going back!

Our next journey is to Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes on Tuesday, June 30. We’ll do the restaurant review next month.

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down!