Robson Riders: The Hill Country – A great ride

The Robson Riders

The Robson Riders

Stan Brein

Three couples from the Robson Riders took advantage of the good weather and headed for the Texas Hill Country, a wonderful destination for enjoying the Texas scenery. LT and Mary Bryant, Mark and Mary Beth Kuxhause and Jim Olson and Mary Sherwood took off on May 17. As LT tells it, “We left the Bryant household around 8:45 a.m., on and stopped at the Weatherford Downtown Cafe for a typically excellent brunch. We traveled to Fredericksburg, mainly on Hwy 281 via Johnson City and arrived at the Peach Tree Inn after a 280-mile day. This little Mom and Pop Inn provides a bottle of wine in each room when you arrive, a nice touch. After a tasty supper at the Fredericksburg Brewery we relaxed with a few adult beverages at the Silver Creek Beer Garden and Grill.

Our second day objective was The Three Twisted Sisters, comprised of highways 335, 336 and 337. After a brief coffee break in Medina we traveled west to Leakey (pronounced Lakey) for lunch at the Bent Rim Grill, and shirts for everyone commemorating the ride of course. This ride is known far and wide for its many twisties and numerous changes in elevation requiring some 10 and 15 MPH speeds, not to be taken lightly. All three bikes seemed up to the challenge, and we made frequent stops to break up the intense riding and a long 272 mile second day. After another dining experience at one of the local restaurants we turned in a little early to recover from the exhausting day.

To broaden our horizons we took a different route home, mainly on Hwy 16 again with frequent stops to avoid wearing ourselves out. After a stop for burgers and fries at The Malt Shop in Weatherford we made it back to the Ranch around 5:30ish, I think, after a 278-mile third day.

So, to sum it up we spent three good days with lots of beautiful scenery, good friends, good riding, good food and new memories and 830 miles. Good times.

The club held an organizational meeting on Wednesday, May 24, to reenergize and to engage in planning rides and activities. An interim board of Stan Brein, Mike Conley, Scott Baker and Ed Barnett will be reaching out to members with information and to solicit ideas. Please contact any of these folks if you have some suggestions.

See you on the road! Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down!