Robson Riders: Where do you want to go today?

Avery Island, Louisiana is home to Tabasco Sauce.

Avery Island, Louisiana is home to Tabasco Sauce.

Stan Brein

I believe that question was the theme of the Microsoft’s global campaign in 1994. It probably was borrowed from the Dr. Seuss book, The Places You’ll Go. It’s always fun thinking about the journey ahead. Where will it take me? What will I see? Whom will I meet?

It seems that motorcyclists think about this frequently. Where is the next adventure? We spend much time thinking, planning, mapping, organizing and packing until we can actually hit the road. Sometimes it is a carefully scripted route in a GPS or on a map attached to a tank bag. Sometimes it’s just get on and go! Either way the fun and excitement is in the journey and the destination. Polish the chrome, wash the metal, air up the tires, fill the tank. Whether it’s an interstate or a back road, a highway or farm to market, a two lane or HOV lane, the ride is the calling.

This month our members have gone far and wide in search of that calling. Steve Williams led a ride to Angel Fire that passed through Taos, Cimarron and other mountain hamlets. Riders included LT and Mary Bryant, Andy McConnell and Mark and MaryBeth Kuxhause. Stan Brein did one of his semi-annual rides with an Austin friend, this time to Avery Island, Louisiana home of Tabasco Sauce. Let me know about your rides!

For information about the club go to the Robson HOA site and look for Robson Riders under clubs. Contact Stan Brein ( with any questions.

Where do you want to go today?

Keep the rubber side down and safe travels!