Rock and Roll Martini Group celebrates Christmas

The Rock and Roll Martini Group celebrate Christmas with the Dallas Uptown Carolers.

Dave Parker

An over the top Christmas extravaganza for the Rock and Roll Martini Group was hosted by Henry and Trish Moore. While the Trans-Siberian Orchestra played in the study, Henry and Trish rolled out smoked ham and mac and cheese. The Rockers dressed in Christmas attire, brought a record number of appetizers to amaze even the hungriest member of the group. They also provided the Rockers with three martinis, including a poinsettia, cranberry and chocolate. As an added touch, Henry and Trish rolled out a birthday cake for the December birthdays of Nancy Tastle, Monica Bishop and Susan Parker. The highlight of the evening came around 7:30 p.m. when Henry and Trish booked the critically acclaimed singing group, Dallas Uptown Carolers to perform a live concert for all those attending. The group dressed in old English attire, took all Christmas song requests and put all of the Rockers in the Christmas spirit. The live performance was definitely the highlight of the evening and a great way to end the year. Until next month, rock on!