RRWGA invites WLN for 4-Person Scramble

Mary Beninato

The RRWGA hosted the WLN for the four-person scramble on September 19, 2017. There were 60 ladies to make 15 foursomes. Everyone had a good time. The event was organized by Ruth Bowen, Lavelle Carlson and Linda Scott; lunch was organized by Judy Markley.

The winners are as follows:

1st Place with 73: Gale Hicks, Nancy Estes, Virginia Wheeless, Annette Graham

2nd Place with 74: Debbie Gorney, Cindy Bass, Linda Knightly, Lane Adams

3rd Place with 74: Katheryn Claudy, Lavelle Carlson, Judy Markley, Paula Saunders

4th Place with 74: Ok Cha Cummings, Juan Del Tillman, Judy Cromer, Janet Angus

5th Place with 76: Alice Wright, Darlene Lamb, Carole Babcock, Debbie Andrews

As you can see there were ties between second and fourth place, which prompted a card-off to determine placement.

Lunch was grilled chicken over orzo rice and tomato/cucumber salad followed by a fruit/yogurt/granola and nut dessert. There were some door prizes awarded to the lucky ladies whose names were pulled.