Spring Bocce Championship playoffs

John Humphries

The Spring Bocce League season was completed with a great playoff event. After two rain-out weeks and a marathon make-up session, the Division playoffs and Championship matches were concluded on May 30. The eight remaining teams battled each other, as well as the 100+ heat index, in single elimination matches. In the Corleone Division, the four top seed teams played true to form and finished in their ranked order, with the Rat Pack finishing first (again)! The Soprano Division had a mild shake up with the number two seed, Ball Breakers, falling to fourth place. Wise Guys won first place (again)!

The League Championship matches set Rat Pack against Wise Guys, in a replay of last fall’s championship. Shocking the Bocce world, the “kings” were dethroned, two to one, by the determined players from Rat Pack. In the consolation match, Pazzo Bocce knocked off Grande Palle in a quick two to zero win. Prize money was awarded to all eight finalists, with a total of $1,000 being distributed to winners and also-rans! Despite the heat, spirits were high and everyone is anxious for the fall league to start.

Anyone that is interested in joining the fun this fall, please contact Frank Cianci at frankc9246@aol.com.