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Game Gang at the Bone’s

Front row: Angel Bone; second row: Nancy Toppan, Kathy Heberlein and Melodye Rogers; third row: Pete Toppan, Vickie and Nizhoni Bone, Joyce Frey, Millie and Mike Aramanda; fourth row: Jere Bone, Ed Heberlein, Bill Frey and Bobby Rogers

Nancy Toppan Game Gang enjoyed a delightful evening of conversation, summer salads and breads, ice cream, Punch Bowl Sangria and a variety of red and white wines at Vickie and Jere Bone’s home. Mexican Train was played with Bobby Rogers taking the lead as the “Big Winner” scoring only 83 points for the evening. Vickie…

Game Gang fun at the Toppans

Ladies: Melodye Rogers, Millie Aramanda, Kathy Heberlein, Vickie Bone, Nancy Toppan and Kathy Zumann; Gentlemen: Pete Toppan, Mike Aramanda, Jere Bone, Tom Zumann, Bob Rogers and Ed Heberlein

Nancy Toppan The Game Gang enjoyed tasty appetizers, honey barbecue chicken bites and side dishes before settling into a jovial game of Mexican Train. Frozen ice cream sandwiches were served during a short break. Vickie Bone was the “big winner” in both categories with the low count of only 95 points and winning the most…

Game Gang celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Las Mujeres: Susan Parker, Millie Aramanda, Melodye Rogers, Nancy Toppan, Kathy Heberlein, Diane Khalar, Vivian Wright and Kathy Zumann. Hombres: David Parker, Mike Aramanda, Bob Rogers, Pete Toppan, Ed Heberlein, Al Wright and Tom Zumann

Nancy Toppan May 5, 2016 marks the 154th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo, a celebration that commemorates a major Mexican victory over French troops during the 1862 French invasion of Mexico. It may surprise you to know that in the United States, Cinco de Mayo is seen as “the day” to celebrate Mexican food, drinks,…

The Game Gang plays golf

Cotton candy anyone? Ed Heberlein, Jere Bone, Melodye Rogers, Vickie Bone, Vivian Wright, Nancy Toppan, Kathy Heberlein, Bob Rogers and Al Wright

Nancy Toppan The Game Gang members experienced their childhood with All American corn dogs, hot dogs and all the fixins’ at Vivian and Al Wright’s. The big surprise was the fluffy cotton candy that Viv had shipped in. The card game golf was played. Although golf, the card game, is quite widespread in North America,…

Holiday party and games for the Game Gang

Sitting: Millie Aramanda, Mike Aramanda, Ed Heberlein, Melodye Rogers, Viv and Al Wright. Standing: Pete Toppan, Rick Boan, Bob Rogers, Nancy Toppan, Jere Bone, Kathy Heberlein and Vickie Bone

Nancy Toppan What does the Game Gang do for their Holiday party in December? Play Christmas games, of course. The party was held at the home of Kathy and Ed Heberlein. Everyone was offered a special holiday candy cane martini to kick off the evening. A scrumptious chicken fettuccine with Alfredo sauce main course was…

Bingo or “Beano”?

Listed by couples left to right: Millie and Mike Aramanda, Vickie and Jere Bone, Kathy and Ed Heberlein, Susan and David Parker, Melodye and Bob Rogers and Nancy and Pete Toppan

Nancy Toppan In the U.S., bingo was originally called “Beano.” It was a country fair game where a dealer would select numbered discs from a cigar box and players would mark their cards with beans. They yelled “beano” if they won. The Game Gang played “Bingo” and enjoyed delicious Italian cuisine at the home of…

Food and games at the Aramanda’s home

Hosts Mike and Millie Aramanda

Nancy Toppan The Game Gang enjoyed zesty Italian cuisine and Mexican Train at Millie and Mike Aramanda’s in September. Melodye Rogers was the “big winner” scoring 157 points. She also claimed the most wins scoring zero five times. The “biggest loser” was David Parker with 427 points.

The Game Gang

Pete Toppan, Kathy Zumann, Tom Zumann, Ed Heberlein, Kathy Heberlein, Susan Parker, David Parker, Vivian Wright, Melodye Rogers, Al Wright, Nancy Toppan, Millie Aramanda and Mike Aramanda

Nancy Toppan Mexican Train was developed by two people from Newport Coast, California. Roy and Katie Parsons copyrighted the rules for the game Train in 1994. After it became more widely known, the Puremco Company purchased the rights. Now this company produces and sells the Mexican Train game. After filling up on finger lickin’ good…