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LOLs enjoy an evening in Italy

The three chefs: Chef Maria, Chef Sofia and Chef Gina

Judy Ondina Dean Martin serenaded us with, “When the moon.., that’s Amore” and aromas of pasta flourished in the air as the LOLs were recently greeted at an Italian Bistro (bella casa of Joan Krause). Four chefs met several times to come up with a culinary menu to make us swoon as we anxiously awaited…

Street Taco Truck here at Robson

Colorful attire was worn by the LOLs: Sally Baggott, Peggy Crandall, Mary Ann Carroll, Gayle Coe, Judy Ondina, Glenda Brown, Carol Cieslik and Joan Krause.

The LOLs had been anticipating another fun gathering, and their expectations were met when Peggy Crandell and Sally Baggott hosted a Street Taco Truck and Bar party. Aromas of shredded pork, carne asada, fish, chicken, black bean corn salad, rice and salsas filled the air. Prickly pear margaritas, sangria, various wines and beers awaited us…

Do you fondue? We do!

All the LOLs fondued and filled the room with laughter and anticipation of their next gathering. LtoR around the table are: Peggy Crandell, Sally Baggott, MaryAnn Carroll, Glenda Brown, Carol Cieslik, Gayle Cole, Jan Utzman, Joan Krause and Judy Ondina.

Judy Ondina On a recent damp March evening, the LOLs (Ladies of Laughter, Ladies of Life, etc.) gathered at the home of Peggy Crandell for a fondue party. She greeted each of us with her warm smile and Easter decorations already in place. We anxiously awaited as we could see the table all set up…