Wildhorse Lady Niners Win Best Club in Julhy 4th Parade

A $50 gift card was presented to the club for the most creative and enthusiastic club in the parade. Congratulations!

Carolyn Thomas and Marsha Scholze carried the banner identifying our group in the parade. Mary Ornberg and Jane Thompson blasted the music with a marching cadence highlighting the nine-hole women’s golf club.

The Wildhorse Lady Niners of Robson Ranch exhibited their style once again. The crowd applauded and cheered as the Niners marched by strutting their stuff.

Our leader of the drill team was the fabulous Darla Mahan followed by all the dedicated and tireless marchers who practiced and practiced again until they could do the drill in their sleep. The marchers were Gwen Heinen, Karen Skokan, Mary Lee Garbowski, Susan Herbert, Jamey Siefert, Dee Sico, Deb Andrews, Consie Javor, Jan Norton, C.J. Palecek, Susan Haley, Renee Kawalski, Ellen Cheshire, Beverly Denton and Debra Harwell, our president.

The next cart following the marchers carried Janie Farnsworth, Teresa Blackburn-Korn and Barb Holst, all past princesses driven by Roxy Elting. The last decorated golf cart was Moe Fitzgerald and her sister. Janie Farnsworth’s niece, Lady, was our first aid monitor and water girl. This year the Wildhorse Lady Niners have outdone themselves! What will they do next year?

Remember, you can join this group of women golfers by downloading a membership application from the website: www.robsonranchhoa.org (go to “clubs” and then to “Wildhorse Lady Niners”), or call membership chairperson Jan Norton at 940-271-0376.