Wine Knots sample “Berry Good” wines

“Wine and friends make a great blend” at the Bakers

“Wine and friends make a great blend” at the Bakers

Randy Johnston

The monthly Wine Knots met at Scott and Vicki Baker’s on Friday, July 21, with another travel location for wines. The Bakers decided to have us sample wines from Alaska. Pretty interesting since grapes are not raised there, but a winery was discovered during their trip. Surprisingly there are four wineries in Alaska, all made with fruits other than grapes. So as we tasted the following two wines an evaluation could be made that they were like a good berry juice with attitude!

The Bakers presented two wines from the Berry Creek Winery in Homer, Alaska. The first wine was a strawberry rhubarb that had the sweet essence of strawberries finishing dry and tart from rhubarb. The second wine was a black raspberry, which truly smelled like raspberry. Generally the group thought the strawberry rhubarb was more refreshing and not as sweet.

After the tasting the group enjoyed food with an Alaskan theme including seafood Alfredo, salmon croquettes, smoked salmon sliders, spinach and feta turnovers, spicy sausage and crackers, crab sliders, veggies with homemade ranch dressing and a seasonal fruit bowl. To top it off we had a wonderful dessert of white chocolate and blueberry lasagna. Great tasting which hit the spot on a hot night.

The Wine Knots continue to explore new wines from across the globe. Ann Fairbairn stated it best, “There must be always wine and fellowship or we are truly lost.”