2019 Free Day of Yoga at Robson Ranch

Susan Engstrom

The annual Free Day of Yoga was held on Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2019. Susan Engstrom, E-RYT 500 led the All Level Yin Class. The practice was designed to sooth and relieve stress and was enjoyed by the Yogis that attended.

Susan teaches several styles of Yoga at the Denton Robson Ranch and states that she “loves to teach Yoga, especially Yin. Yin is a slow mindful practice.” The Yin practice complements the Yang classes that Susan also teaches. “Yoga is good for our muscles as they contain both yin and yang tissue. So, we must balance the muscle. This is especially important as we age and become more yin as the connective tissue begins to become more rigid”.

“We tighten our muscles to protect our joints in the Yang practice of Yoga. These are the same muscles used in weight training, boot camps, running, or cycling, etc. In a Yin practice we do the opposite. We relax our muscles so we can exercise our joints. The practice of Yoga is always a full body experience as it allows us to connect with ourselves. After all, the heart, mind, and body are not three separate elements and Yoga makes us complete. The slow practice of Yin allows for a deeper connection!”

Yoga has been practiced for more than 2000 years and is known for the many health benefits it provides to the people in the Eastern World. Doctors in the Western World now acknowledge the benefits of the practice and are encouraging their patients to participate in classes. “When we watch sports, we now see many athletes doing Yoga exercises during warmup”.

Contact Susan Engstrom, [email protected] or 214-914-0801, for information about her classes.