3rd Annual Garden Tour Was A Success

The weather broke just in time for the gardeners of Robson Ranch to enjoy the club’s third annual Garden Tour on May 17. There were many beautiful gardens to enjoy.

On Pinewood Dr. at the home of Nick and Betty Alvarado, there were clematis vines, day lilies budding, and daisies just to name a few. The group enjoyed touring Betty’s lovely backyard. Around the corner at Richard and Jane Boothby’s home on Grandview Dr., the gardeners saw many lovely Japanese maples, blooming peonies, oak-leaf hydrangeas, and so much more.

Next on the tour was the home of Susan and Lee Grigson located on Arkose Dr. The front gardens had unusual petrified rocks as accents along with yellow coreopsis, wood ferns, native plants, such as red salvia and Greg’s mist flower to attract the butterflies.

And last, but certainly not least, Margaret and John Jamison’s home, on Cinnamon Dr. had a nice walkway around the house so we could view the front and back! Along the way there was a lovely herb garden, then the backyard was just gorgeous with blooming red roses, hydrangeas, and Mandeville. The holly trees, crepe myrtles, and lemon yellow Ligustrum served as accents and gave privacy.

The group was invited onto the Jamison’s back patio for refreshments and a brief meeting. All in all, the garden club enjoyed the morning. The club wishes to thank all the homeowners for sharing their beautiful handiwork…until next year.