A Trip to Africa

Africa on the Ranch

Mike Moss

One of the great opportunities of the Robson community is the chance to share and learn about the tremendous experiences of each other’s lives and adventures. Recently, the members of the Robson Ranch Gun Club were able to vicariously visit Africa and ‘go on safari’ on a reduced budget!

Club members Lee and Susan Grigson generously opened their home to their fellow members and went all-out to share their African experiences and journeys. This was an unprecedented opportunity to see not only their beautiful home but their collection of art, artifacts, crafts, furniture, historical items, incredible big game guns, and trophies. For over four hours the house was packed as we immersed ourselves in their museum-like collection, moving from room to room to admire the beauty of their art works and photographs, and hearing the stories of their travels.

Our members were also able to learn about internationally-approved and U.S.-supported wildlife management plans in Africa, which help fund local conservation and anti-poaching initiatives. These regulated hunts provide protein (meat) to local villages and part of the revenue provided by legal hunting is directed to anti-poaching measures. The ‘tusks’ Lee gave us to use for our club photo are replicas.

With so many members never having been to Africa, this might be the closest they ever get. And, this special event of the Robson Ranch Gun Club, courtesy of Lee and Susan, was as eye-opening, awe-inspiring, and educational as it gets.

The mission of our Robson Ranch Gun Club is to provide an opportunity and forum for our members to meet, share their interest in firearms, participate in various forms of shooting sports, and provide a learning environment for all skill levels of firearm ownership and uses. Our monthly meeting is the second Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m. in the clubhouse. We are always looking for other Robson Ranch residents interested in joining in our great fellowship and learning about these fun and active shooting sports and skill practice opportunities. Safety is always our primary concern and is a shared responsibility of each member.

For more information, please contact Mike Moss, Gun Club Vice President and Board Member at [email protected].