A’Caroling We Go

Sherry Zeise

The old adage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” brings real joy to the ones who live by it. New Life Church Carolers brought that to life here at Robson Ranch on Dec. 14.

We met at the Creative Arts Center to gather carol books and directions to homes of those who could use some holiday cheer. Pastor Jeff and Pastor Judy Fairchild, Nancy Nevius, Pat Hanshaw, Jois Ross, Lisa Rider, Steve Simpson, and Ruth Klein took a few moments to have some group pictures before we left.

When caroling, the joyous reward for each of us is seeing the happy response of those whose homes we visit! Many times, they join us, and we love that. We are reminded that the Lord said, “As often as you do this for others, you do it for Me.”

We saw many friends and some new faces as we caroled around the Ranch. We even sang for a party on one of the streets! They loved our caroling, and several joined us, singing with gusto. We were surprised after caroling at one home to find that we were the first in their lives to carol for them. How precious!

Some we visited brought treats to thank us. The look of joy and gratefulness and singing along with us was a great reward as well.

After caroling, we finished the evening at the home of Sherry Zeise. As we shared some goodies, a knock at the door brought us a surprise. Jeff and Deb Harwell came to carol for us and to share the fun!

Caroling has been a time-honored tradition at Christmas, and New Life Church Robson Ranch Carolers truly love sharing the love of God with other Ranchers.