African American Social Group enjoys SPA castle

Marie Milleage

Several members of the African American Social Group enjoyed the last days of spring and held their June book club get-together in the relaxing atmosphere of SPA Castle where an assortment of services were available. Prior to sitting down to the book discussion, Brenda Jones relaxed with a pedicure, Lettye Albert enjoyed the various saunas, Martha Harrell alternated between the saunas and the icebox and Marie Milleage preferred several soothing massages.

Following the leisurely activities, the ladies ordered lunch and reviewed Jeffrey Archer’s Mightier Than the Sword, relating it to the author’s other five novels in the Clifton Chronicles series.

Archer’s life was very controversial as he was a member of Parliament, involved in political activities and arrested for his involvement in criminal behavior while simultaneously writing fiction, non-fiction, plays and children’s books. In September the book club members will return from vacations with family and friends and resume stimulating literary discussions.

The African American social group invites all black residents to join and meet with us to welcome new homeowners to Robson Ranch and enjoy dinner, fellowship, conversation and outside activities. Only one member of the family needs to be black. We hold gatherings at a resident’s home, in a restaurant or in another venue. We are not a club, religious or political organization and do not charge fees.

For additional information about joining us, please contact Marie Milleage at [email protected].