Another RR Softball Season Is in the Books!

Season Champs Farmers Insurance (left to right): Steve Courtney, Gary Brown, John Coffman, Charley Dobson, Mick Calverley, Jackie Fox, John McNemar, Jay Wissink, John Gauthier, Steve Tafoya, Danny Thomas, Sean Curry, Carol Rumberger; not pictured: John Blattner, Cheryl Bryson, Bill Smiley, Bob Wheeler, and Kelly Wissink

Second Place Rodney Landscape (left to right): Debbie Hinson, Jerry Hinson, Luay Ashoo, Steve Wardlaw, Tom Gunther, Mike Lorenc, George Wendt, Bob Laderach, David Popejoy, Randy Matthiessen, Kelly Petre, Cheryl Soule, Bill Soule; not pictured Rojean Cossairt, Myron McKinney, Daniel Patrick, Bryce Treese

Rosemary “Killer” Myers-Neagli

Much-needed North Texas rain forced a postponement of the RR Softball Fall Championships, which were held on Sunday, Oct. 30. The “calm after the storm” made for a perfect afternoon of softball. Spectators crowded both sides of the field, not only to cheer for their favorite player and/or team, but to enjoy the grand finale that the RRSA Board works hard to prepare each season.

Congratulations to both Farmers Insurance (Manager Sean Curry, 2023 president elect) and Rodney’s Landscaping (Manager Jerry Hinson, RRSA Board at-large) for entertaining all of us “fans” with sensational throws, catches, hits, and, above all, a demonstration of sportsmanship. In the final inning, it was Farmers Insurance who captured 2022, winning both the spring and fall softball seasons.

This is my second year living on the Ranch and participating in RR Softball. It is not just a physical and social endeavor—it has turned out to be one of the more colorful and entertaining groups out of the several groups my spouse Tom and I enjoy here on the Ranch. As the year progressed, players started acquiring unique nicknames, such as Crazy Legs, Scooter, Wheels, JB, Stan the Man, Mouth of the South (who is both a player and an announcer), The Franchise, and even a Gazelle. A dedicated crew of announcers entertained us all with their own trivia, music, and jokes; volunteers who manned the scoreboard and kept the scorebook; the army of players/volunteers who help care for our “Field of Dreams” and those precious sponsor banners that line the outer fence.

Another aspect of RR Softball that no other Ranch club has, to my knowledge, is a dedicated group of “game reporters.” Being a contributor to this group (many writers also play on a team), they each have their own unique flair to make a game come alive on paper. Every member of RR Softball receives the game reports, and feedback indicates raving reviews. One reporter this year included a fictitious sexy French woman named Lulu who gave her unadulterated opinion, even though she clearly didn’t understand the game—hilarious!

I am sure I could fill an entire page of the Pioneer Press with thank yous to our esteemed RRSA Board, managers from all the leagues (including traveling teams), and all the players and volunteers who make RR Softball more than just a game. This “RR Softball season is in the books.” Until next year, keep active and see you in Spring 2023!