Another Type of Seed Planting

Linda Buishas

Most of us wouldn’t think of this time of year as a time for planting seeds. However, I’ve seen plenty of planting lately; the emotional and spiritual kind that can flourish (or die) only in the minds and hearts. We are all constantly sowing seeds that create positive feelings and memories, as well as negative ones. I try to focus on those that inspire me. I’m curious as to the kind of “fruit” they can produce in me or someone I might meet along the way, so it is that kind which I’ve noticed being planted lately.

During the memorial given for my mother-in-law, two of her grandchildren expressed beautifully how their nana lives on in each of her 53 descendants. As they called each of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, by name, they also named the unique characteristic of their nana that each person possessed. Whether by genetics or example, their nana had sown seeds which everyone could see had borne fruit and, in their words, “bloomed into the dynamic family that we are today.” By their inspiring words, they sowed a seed in me to strive to be a good seed-sowers in this family whom God gave to me, by word and example.

Christmas is a wonderful time to observe seed-planting. Although I try not to allow worldly traditions to distract me from the true meaning of Christmas, the ones we hold dear are not only links to those loved ones who have gone before us but, also, they can plant seeds that can bring new life into areas of our lives that need nourishment and growth. Whether we’re teaching the younger ones to make traditional dishes, singing Christmas carols, sharing meals, or exchanging gifts, we are sowing seeds of love, contentment, generosity, family togetherness, and often forgiveness and renewed relationships. So, when I think of the traditions as seeds being planted, it gives me another example of how Christmas is a “season” for believing, for joy, for hope, and for planting. After all, Baby Jesus was conceived by the Seed of God’s Word. (Luke 1:38)

Linda Buishas is a resident of Robson Ranch, a licensed minister, and ordained chaplain. Her group “Seeds of Grace Shared by Linda” appears on Facebook.