April Yard of the Month

Gary and Barbara Geiser with Miley (photo by Letha Straub)

Erminja Maganja, Publicity Chair

Native Texans Barbara and Gary Geiser met during high school in Dallas, then graduated from UNT. Work life took them to Arkansas, and as they eyed retirement, it was natural for them to return home to their Texas roots. They built their home in Robson Ranch 11 years ago and began planning their landscape.

Barbara inherited a love for flowers from her great-aunt Hazel who raised irises and mums and was a national judge for the Dallas Chapter of the National Chrysanthemum Society. Aunt Hazel’s home will be 100 years old this year. Keeping it in the family, it now belongs to Barbara’s brother and sister-in-law who lovingly tend the mass of flowers stemming from the originals.

The Geisers selected two trees with interesting bark characteristics to anchor their setting. The River Birch has a beautiful exfoliating bark—especially striking in winter when the tree is bare. It is well suited to our clay soil, having a higher tolerance for poorly drained soils and heat. Their second selection was the Lacebark Elm. This handsome tree has a spreading canopy and is generally free of diseases that attack other elms. It is considered an ornamental tree by many, because its distinctive, textured bark creates softly colored, mottled patterns. Both trees show off in an autumn burst of yellows and golds.

Also featured in the yard is a mix of perennials, including lantana, salvia, and creeping jenny, along with a variety of annuals, such as asparagus fern, purple and green potato vine, hibiscus, begonia, and coleus.

The couple enjoy searching for just the right flowers for their colorful seasonal displays. This year they chose a mass of cheerful, yellow pansies to welcome spring. The irises in bloom near the crepe myrtle in front have special meaning, as they are from Great-Aunt Hazel’s yard. Barbara and Gary share the yard chores. Gary enjoys planting, pruning, and maintaining a healthy soil. Barbara plants and maintains the many pots that enliven their patio with plants spilling over in rainbow colors.

Please drive by to see the Geisers’ home at 11536 Southerland Drive and congratulate them on a job well done!

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