Robson Ranch Red Raider Fans Enjoy Social Event

Robson Ranch Red Raider fans (photo by Marcie Roberts)

Don Roberts

Robson Ranch Red Raider fans gathered on March 3 for a time to make new acquaintances and renew friendships. Highlights of the two-hour gathering included welcoming new members and the discovery of many common connections through the history we share and experiences with Texas Tech.

In addition to the recent social, members of Robson Ranch Red Raider Club (RRRRC) hosted a table at the Robson Ranch Clubs and Activities Open House. Visitors had an opportunity to meet club organizers and join the club. RRRRC thanks Shelbi Berg for all the hard work to organize the successful event.

Robson Ranch Red Raider Club is not associated with any official Texas Tech organization, but it provides a social opportunity for Robson residents with a tie to Texas Tech to meet and enjoy our common Red Raiders. RRRRC is open to graduates, parents, or grandparents of Tech students or any Red Raider fan. Persons interested in joining the RRRRC can contact Debbie Wegman at [email protected]. There is no cost to join and no dues.