Are the Rockin’ Red Rolling Pins and Lucky Strikes Ready for the Pro Circuit?

Peggy Crandell

What do you do on a hot day in July? Take the fun indoors! More precisely, go to Andy B’s and try out your bowling skills. The Rockin’ Red Ranchers hit the lanes full of enthusiasm to show their stuff. Team Rolling Pins competed against team Lucky Strikes, during which they all faced the reality that their bowling skills were just not what they used to be. Even the bowling shoes gave them trouble—did our feet change size? Or have the rented bowling shoes changed? In the end, each gal did bowl with a pair of bowling shoes on their feet.

Fun, laughter, and cheers prevailed throughout the competition. Mala Bowdouris and Phyllis Ayers proved to be the high scorers and were rewarded with prizes.

The Rockin’ Reds discovered bowling works up an appetite. Never fear—the hosts (Rosemary Simecek, Janice Brown, and Dorothy Edlund) made sure the ladies wouldn’t go hungry, by arranging a mouthwatering spread of fresh fruit, a crudité tray, chips and salsa, and quesadillas with all the trimmings, topped off with yummy cupcakes.

Each Rockin’ Red left Andy B’s that day with a special memento—a rolling pin that was handmade by Rosemary Simecek’s husband.

Thank you, Janice, Dorothy, and Rosemary, for another great Rockin’ Red Rancher event.