Baby Boomers rule!

Dave Parker

On the first Friday in October the Robson Ranch Baby Boomers gathered on another hot evening. Usually there is a cool down in October, but not this year. The Boomers have to wait one more week to see temperatures in the 80s. With Texas Toss going on outside on the patio, many of the Boomers would come and go as their teams competed. It was also another record evening as many new Boomers joined in the fun including Sandra and Chris Corbitt, Kathy and Nap Bryan, Karen and Billy Davis, Mary and Ken Ford, and Tanya and James Sczymanski. No dues, no sign up, no speakers, just grab a beverage or a meal and meet some new friends! The Boomers meet on the first and third Fridays of each month at the Grill starting around 5 p.m. New Boomers come out and join in the fun! Any questions can be directed to Margaret O’Neill at [email protected]