Join the Potluck Club

Donna Zak

It’s a great time to join Potluck Club as the new year is almost here. Potluck is a fun way to meet new people while enjoying a wonderful meal. The club provides opportunities throughout the year for our members to host a meal in their home. You only have to host one rotation in a year. You choose the rotation that you want to host, the number of people you can accommodate and whether you want to serve brunch, lunch, or dinner. Each guest will provide an item of food to share with others. It’s very easy and filled with lots of fun and friendship.

Once a year the entire club joins together for a special meal. This past summer we had a great turnout for our Safari Progressive Dinner. Club members opened up their homes, and all the food was brought in by the guests. The first home served appetizers, then the main course was catered at a very reasonable price, and we ended with dessert and coffee at the last home. The 2020 event will surely be a great time for all our members.

Interested in joining the Potluck Club? The dues are only $5 per household. Contact any board member: Phyllis Ayers, president; Joyce Frey, vice president; Bernadette Fideli, treasurer; Roberta Zeitlin; Donna Zak, publicity; Donna French and Vicki Baker, schedulers. We’d love to welcome you as a part of our club.