Belles on Liberty

Belles enjoy a night out (photo by Lynne Kelsey)

Lynne Kelsey

The Liberty Belles of the Republican Club recently took time for a “liberty leave” when they journeyed to Arlington to attend comedian Brad Stine’s Unapologetically American show at the Arlington Music Hall Theater. Eight of the Belles carpooled down to Arlington and began the evening with a delicious dinner at Pappasito’s Cantina. They then checked in at the theater and were delighted to find that their balcony seats had been moved into the orchestra section.

Nicknamed “God’s Comic,” Stine is a conservative Christian who uses no profanity in his shows, but that doesn’t mean that he’s boring! His performance is a cross between the manic delivery of a Robin Williams and the sardonic observations of a George Carlin. While he kept the audience laughing and cheering, he periodically inserted sobering commentary on the state of the country and his personal convictions. It was a unique experience.

The Belles made up part of the impressive Robson Ranch contingent at the Denton County Lincoln/Reagan dinner and continue to work supporting the Woman to Woman Pregnancy Center and North Texas Collegiate Academy. Any woman member of the Republican Club is welcome to join the Belles in their social and philanthropic activities. Check out their table at the next Republican Club meeting on the first Wednesday of each month, at the clubhouse, and come help them Let Freedom Ring!