Love Was in the Air

Front row (left to right): B.J. Watson, Melba Beckham, Frances Hackley, Barbara Wilking, Suzanne Horne, Linda Farmer, Marti Conley, Ellen Cheshire; back row (left to right): Linda Smith, Linda Kurita, Carrie Summers, Mike Simms, Bill Hackley, Chris Corbitt, Wendy Hicks

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

Love was definitely in the air on Saturday, Feb. 11, while the “Singing Valentines” were being delivered here at the Ranch. The Robson Ranch Music Club-sponsored event offered Robson residents an opportunity to send some love to their honey, their bestie, or someone needing a warm fuzzy. Purchasers of the Valentines chose a song from our song list that they felt a personal connection to for them and their Valentine. Members of the Robson Ranch Choir then serenaded the recipient. The Valentine also received a beautiful handmade card by Carrie Summers, a rose, and two Valentine cupcakes. We all know how powerful words are, but when put to music, the sentiment becomes all the more poignant and purposeful. The power of a song can be so intensely touching. Indeed, that is what was experienced with the Singing Valentines’ presentations. The recipients weren’t the only ones who received a gift. Everyone involved enjoyed what was in the air on that day. We hope you consider the Singing Valentines for your Valentine next year. They are a delight to give and receive.

Please go to our Music Club website,, for all upcoming events and concerts. Next is our “The Jig Is Up” St. Patrick’s Day Karaoke/Dance on March 17, and then our Spring Concert, featuring fabulous songs of the movies, on April 15 and 16.