Betsy’s Diary

Thanks go to the 60 West Wingers (aka Section 10-1) in 2019 who first designed and built the American Eagle named Betsy Ross and the following 23 West Wingers, plus three special friends, who brought her back to life for the 2022 July 4th parade: Jeanette Bliss, Brent Bond, Donna Boudot, Tony Buiniskis, Bob Buol, Randy Catron, Fred and Paula Gabbard, Jim and Liz Gardiner, CJ Halik, Mary Morse, Vic and Jan Norton, Sandy Olsson, Fred and Suellen Self, Marty Shaddix, Dicki Sizemore, Mike and Janet Slusher, Mark and Becky Spates, and special friends Eric and Donna Smith and Linda Clemmer.

June 4, 2022

Today garage attic opened and the sun poured in on me once again. My West Wingers friends (aka Section 10-1) propped my wings against a wall, attached my carriage sides to the trailer, and dusted my feathers. I am excited to come to life again as part of the July 4th parade.

June 5, 2022

They fluffed my feathers, stuffed my bald spots, and added longer feathers to my tail. The attic heat had yellowed some of my white feathers, so they sprayed them white. Bright red plastic was added to the inside of the float. My red, white, and blue cowboy boots were cleaned and set on top of my stand (everyone loves my one-of-a-kind boots made just for this celebration).

June 11, 2022

My friends gathered to check the changes made since last year and to add the patriotic fringe to the sides. I love how the fringe and my feathers blow in the wind. One thing I don’t like, though, is we have so much wind at the Ranch that my friends have to tie my wings down to keep me from taking flight during the parade.

July 4, 2022

It is 6:15 a.m. and my friends are here to attach my body, head, wings, and tail so that I will look like I am soaring like the Eagle I am. I am so majestically tall and wide that I have to be assembled in the open. Two crew members got up extra early to make breakfast tacos for the assembly crew.

What everyone who sees me will learn again on this, my third journey down Ed Robson Boulevard to celebrate Independence Day, is that I, Betsy Ross, will rise again in victory over those who try to divide us, will be the tool that unites new and old friendships, and will be a symbol, once again, of peace, liberty, and freedom.