Betty Ferguson named Woodworker of the year

President Joe Misiaszek and Betty Ferguson

President Joe Misiaszek and Betty Ferguson

Each year the president of the Woodworkers has the distinct honor to choose the “Woodworker of the Year.” Many attributes are taken into consideration for this award.

So what attributes made Betty Ferguson leap to the top of the list? There are too many to mention, but what stands out above all was her willingness to step up when we decided to start a “Ladies Night.” Betty immediately started to schedule herself as monitor each Monday evening to make this a Ladies Night. Due to her efforts and dedication to make this a success, Betty was instrumental in having more women joining the Woodworkers to use our facility. Betty set up easy projects to get them started and to help them feel comfortable with each tool.

The name Betty Ferguson is synonymous with Ladies Night. Women came to know that each and every Monday night was their night. In addition these ladies knew that if they had a question that Betty would be able to help them, if not personally, then she knew someone who could.

Betty’s knowledge of each of the tools was instrumental in her showing different members how to make palm crosses, handheld mirrors, pens, toys and many other items. She was always willing to help anyone needing assistance. This makes Betty the very first female to be named “Woodworker of the Year.”

She is a model for all the other women of the Robson Ranch Woodworkers.

Betty, we all say thank you and wish you and your husband all the best as you leave Robson Ranch and start a new life in Arizona. Just remember, you will always be a part of the Woodworkers at Robson Ranch. You will be missed.