It’s here! New ambulance for Southwest Denton

Kathleen Wazny with Fire Station No. 7 personnel

Kathleen Wazny with Fire Station No. 7 personnel

Kathleen Wazny, Denton City Council, District 3

The Robson Ranch Ambulance/Fire Task Force was instrumental in bringing this project to reality. The fire station on Vintage Blvd near I-35 and Vintage now has a dedicated ambulance. It arrived January 1. Up until that date there was no dedicated ambulance at this fire station. It’s the nearest fire station to Robson Ranch.

A sincere thank you goes out to our Denton Fire Chief, Robin Paulsgrove, our Denton Mayor, Chris Watts, and the Robson Ranch Ambulance/Fire Task Force. It was a combined effort. I organized and led the task force. A sincere thank you also goes out to the Denton City Council who voted for the funding.

Next up is our new fire station, planned for 2018. A new road will be cut by Denton County to connect our main gate with the new fire station. It’ll be one mile from our front gate. This, too, was a task force combined effort with the City of Denton, Argyle, Northlake and Denton County. Robson corporate donated $350,000 towards the new fire station, and a sincere thank you goes out to them.