Bocce Ball News

Club Champion Kerri Billingsley

Spoiler alert: At the time that this article was written, the 2021 Fall Robson Ranch Bocce Season had not yet ended. You probably already know who the 2021 first-place team is, but I do not. Congratulations to the winning team, whoever it was, and best of luck next season to all those who tried their best and had fun doing it.

We have been given a wonderful tool to use for communication. “GroupWorks” has proven to be very helpful in getting information out to members of the club. GroupWorks generates several types of information: Events, Messages, and Posts. Events are rarely used by our league, but Messages and Posts are used frequently. Messages can be sent to individuals, groups (like all captains), or to the entire membership. Messages do generate emails to you, so if you are included in the group intended to receive the Messages, it will come directly to you as an email. Those emails will be clearly marked as coming from GroupWorks. This is the primary way that communications with the group are sent. Examples of Messages are: scheduled orientation sessions, instructional sessions, or even weather cancellations due to rain. Messages can also be found on your Home page in GroupWorks if you belong to several Robson groups using GroupWorks. The last type, Posts, is used for items intended to be on the site for an extended period of time. Examples are court assembly instructions, league rules, match schedules, team rosters, and subs list. You may need to scroll down to see all of the posts. While Posts do generate emails to members, it seems that those emails sometimes fail to get sent. Hence, check your GroupWorks Posts page frequently to stay current with everything related to bocce.

Also, within GroupWorks is a valuable tool called “The Commissioners Corner.” This addition to GroupWorks answers common questions related to bocce. Like what happens if the palino is hit by a bocce and is thrown out of bounds, or can players throw more than two bocces per frame, etc. Reading the posts in “The Commissioners Corner” from time to time definitely helps the captains and players keep the most pertinent rules fresh in their minds.

This season certainly has been full of challenges, which all members have handled with grace. There have been many schedule adjustments due to the patio being booked for special events and excessive heat, yet all bocce teams have risen to the occasion and stayed the course without complaint.

Lastly, congratulations are in order for Kathy Jedlowski who won the bocce competition at the RR Senior Olympics, with a high score of 84 points. Way to go, Kathy!