Boot Camp Vs. Faithfully Fit: Two Opposite Classes With the Same Goals!

Barbara Shippy

Aging is a difficult process. As our bodies begin to slow down, we discover we are not able to do what we could do when we were younger. The reality is we must try to stay as active as possible while we age. Boot Camp and Faithfully Fit are completely opposite classes but with the same goal, which is to stay active and healthy. So, what are the similarities and differences and where might you fit in?

Boot Camp is a faster co-ed high calorie burn program designed specifically for active seniors who want to stay active, tone up, and increase core strength/balance while having a good time. Participants have lost over 1000 pounds and hundreds of inches. This class is all about having fun. When 25 or more participants are in a room working out to favorite ‘oldies’ music, a synergy is created, which is contagious. This class is exciting and vibrant.

Because there are various activity levels and health needs, there are three levels of exercise — beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each participant is encouraged to do only what they can do under safe class supervision. Every class is different, targeting muscle groups in different ways. For those who want a more strenuous workout, participants use hand weights and bands for resistance training. For participants less active or who are not able to do floor exercises, chairs are used.

Faithfully Fit is a much slower co-ed class, done to gospel music. It is a full body ‘stretch and tone’ fitness program focused on improving core strength/balance and improved overall health to both body and soul through fitness and faith. When we work out to music that glorifies God, we are investing in our health both spiritually and physically! This class is perfect for those participants who want to either begin an exercise program or for those who want to add a full body stretch and light toning to their daily activities. This class incorporates chairs and optional light bands or low hand weights for many of the exercises.

“I have been so blessed with a wonderful staff who continue to assist participants in each venue. All these ladies ensure both classes are functional. The staff includes Kathy, Anne, Suzanne, Amy, Maddi, and Karen. Mike Shippy is sound technician. Without the help of this staff, these classes would not be possible,” states Barbara.

Both classes meet in the Sports Center Fitness Room. Boot Camp meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10-11 a.m. Faithfully Fit meets Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4 p.m. All participants should bring a spill proof container of water, optional hand weights, and, for boot camp, a mat, unless participant plans to use a chair. Cost is $4 per person or $7 per household couple. Both classes also can accommodate special needs or health issues by designing specific exercises.

Barbara Shippy, a certified senior fitness instructor and Robson Ranch resident, has been teaching fitness programs for over 46 years, targeting senior fitness the last 13 years. For more information, contact Barbara or Mike at 940-262-0602.