Catholic Community News

Dennis Pettit (photo by Marion Napurano)

Marion Napurano

The Robson Ranch Catholic Community (RRCC) gathered on Feb. 14 for our first gathering in the clubhouse. All in attendance were so excited to be in the clubhouse, and although it was Valentine’s Day, we still had 48 members in attendance, which shows how our group is growing.

President Joan Bridges opened the meeting with a prayer and then introduced several members so they could make their announcements.

Marge Lane told all in attendance about our Prayer Request Book as the book was being passed around. Marge brings the book to the Robson Ranch Rosary groups, which meet on Mondays and Thursdays. Those groups pray the Rosary for all requests. The Thursday group is full; however, there is room for new members in the Monday group. Anyone interested in joining the Monday group can contact Marge. Marge also advised the group that she has yarn, which has been donated. The donated yarn was offered to anyone who would like to get a head start on making scarves for our Christmas outreach project for Our Daily Bread.

Joan also reminded all in attendance that we have formed an RRCC Potluck Dinner group, which meets four times a year, and members will host once a year. Currently, there are two groups of four already set up. We would love to have more participation and advised members to contact Joan, Rita, or Marion to sign up.

Deacon Jim then spoke to the group about a trip he is putting together to the Holy Land in September. The trip will begin on Sept. 5 and conclude on Sept. 14. The trip will include visits to the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Church of the Loaves and Fishes, Cana, Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem, to name a few. Deacon Jim also advised the group that there will be an option to extend the trip beyond Sept. 14. These options include a Nile Cruise, Cairo and the Route of the Exodus, and Wonders of Petra and the Dead Sea.

Our speaker Dennis Pettit was introduced, and all were treated to a wonderful presentation entitled “Purgatory: Where Is It in Scripture?” The presentation was certainly eye-opening and kept all engaged.

Our next gathering will be on Tuesday, March 14, and it will be a social gathering at the home of Susan and Deacon Jim Galbraith. Our theme for the social will be St. Patrick’s Day, so all are encouraged to wear green.

Our April gathering will be, once again, held in the clubhouse, and updates regarding our speaker will be in the HOA Announcements on March 6 and 13, as well as in our member emails. As always, please feel free to bring a friend. All are welcome.