Celebrating the Marine Corps 242nd Birthday


Jeff Harwell

On Friday the 10th of November at the Robson Ranch Grill 16 United States Marine Corps Veterans along with family and friends celebrated the 242nd birthday of the Corps.

Joe Arnett opened the day with a surprisingly good version of Reveille. Don Kissock led us in prayer, and Roger Amador started the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Then everyone joined in all three verses of the Marines’ Hymn.

Lt Col. Ray Cushman read the Commandant’s Message. Then as the senior officer, pulled out his sword and cut the birthday cake. The first piece went to the oldest veteran in attendance, Robson resident Lynn Williams, aged 84, who then presented a piece to the youngest Marine.

The youngest Marine was also our speaker for the day. Melinda Young, easy to spot in the group photo, enlisted at 17 years old and served as an active duty Marine for five years as an Cryptologic Linguist. She shared her reasons for becoming a Marine, the challenges of being a female Marine and how the Corps has impacted her life. She demonstrated an incredibly positive attitude and proudly announced that November 8 marked her 20th anniversary of becoming a Marine. She made us all proud.

After stuffing ourselves on some excellent cake, we stumbled out to Veterans Park for a group photo and a salute to our friend and fellow Marine Watson Crumbie who is currently in Sick Bay. Then Joe sounded Taps and we were dismissed.

Of course there will be another celebration next year. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Ray Cushman or Jeff Harwell. We’re in the book. Semper Fi.