Citizen group forms for Property Tax Freeze for Seniors and the Disabled ballot initiative

Several residents have formed a group to sponsor a ballot initiative called “Property Tax Freeze for Seniors and the Disabled (PTFSD).”

The group, co-chaired by Shirley Johnson and Shirley Martin, has already met with the City of Denton’s Attorney and Voter Registration office and has begun the first steps in the process necessary to implement and complete a validated petition for the initiative. It is the group’s goal to have the validated petition in the hands of the City of Denton’s Secretary no later than January 2, 2017.

The group plans to go before the Denton City Council and ask the Council to approve the request rather than asking citizens to submit petitions. The benefit to the City of Denton by approving the request is the cost savings of not employing the City Secretary and other officials in processing the petition for the May 2017 election.

According to the group no petition for City and/or County tax protection for seniors over 65 and the disabled (that have a Homestead Exemption) has ever been defeated.

Members of the group include Shirley Johnson, Shirley Martin, Dee Kurtz, Terry Mathers, Bruce Reber, Gary Pniewski, David Laschinger, Ann Fox, Kathy Christoferson, Laurie Luksa and Brenda McKenzie.

The group wishes to thank the many residents for volunteering to help with this cause and expects their sub-committee chairs to begin calling volunteers for help in the next week or two. If you did not attend the meeting and would like to be added to the volunteer list, please send your name, telephone number and e-mail address to Shirley Johnson at [email protected], or Shirley Martin at [email protected].