Spotlight On Advertiser: Cat’s Home Makeover and Moving Service

Have you ever had to make big-dollar decisions when building a new house but didn’t have the required time to do the necessary homework? Did you end up with expensive upgrades you really didn’t need when you finally moved in?

That’s what happened to us about nine years ago when we moved into Robson Ranch. Both Steve and I had new jobs requiring us to fly out weekly with little time to plan our new home. We literally made home design decisions thousands of feet in the air, from light switches to flooring. We ended up spending a lot more money than we should have and spent hours agonizing whether we had made the right decisions. From day one we saw we had made choices we would not have made if we had had more time and experience.

After we moved in to our new home we began meeting more and more people who were overwhelmed and stressed out with moving and the necessity to make hundreds of decorating choices for their new homes. We decided to start a business to help others that didn’t have the expertise, time, desire or vendor connections make the correct and economical choices that met their needs.

Today Cat’s Home Makeover and Moving Service has taken away the worry and stress of moving into a new home to the fretting over the final decorating details. We are a one-stop shop for relocations, home staging and refreshing, Robson Ranch Design Center assistance, new home additions, home makeovers and much, much more! We have assisted caregivers make their house a happy, bright, cheery home, helped widows and widowers have stress-free relocations and helped our neighbors maintain their homes with a touch of paint, remodeling or just a little support getting their closets organized. We have also had the privilege of assisting those who just needed a little advice or help making the right decisions.

If we can make just a small difference through Cat’s Home Makeovers and Moving Service for our friends and neighbors at Robson Ranch, we have accomplished what we set out to do. What can we do to help you?

Please call us at 817-707-7707 for a free consultation or if you would like to talk with some of your satisfied neighbors. Check out our website,, when you get a chance and learn how we can help you too!