County Commissioner’s Column

Dianne Edmondson. Pct. 4

To all of our newest Robson Ranch residents, welcome to Texas! With people joining our Robson family from all over America, and with every state having different rules and processes, I thought it would be helpful to discuss how the political and election system works here in the Lone Star state.

Registering to vote: You must be at least 18 years of age and reside in Texas in order to become a registered voter. We do not register by political party here, but simply register to vote and become eligible to vote in any elections held within a voter’s area, which are designated as precincts or districts. For instance, our Voter Precinct here on the Ranch is 4003, and we are all in Precinct 4 for County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace and Constable; State Senate District 12, State House District 64, and Congressional District 26. We are all eligible to vote for all county-wide offices, such as Sheriff, Judges, Treasurer, District and County Clerks, Tax Assessor/Collector, and political party chairman.

Also, we can all vote for state-wide offices such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Land and Agriculture Commissioners, as well as three Railroad Commissioners, who regulate the oil and gas industry, not railroads. Every state gets two U.S. Senators, and we all may vote in those races, though the two Texas senators do not run in the same cycle.

Several types of elections are held, but not every elected office is elected every year; some have two-, four-, or even six-year terms. The nominees for the two major political parties are selected in a Primary Election, usually held in March of even-numbered years. Voters declare their party affiliation by voting in the Primary of their choice. The General Election is held in November following the Primaries and will include the candidates who won their respective Primary elections and sometimes include proposed state Constitutional Amendments. We also elect Denton Mayor and City Councils plus school board members. Generally, these municipal elections are held in May.

We are very fortunate to have a polling site right here in Robson for each election, including early voting. Every election has an early voting period of up to two weeks, and during that period, voters may cast their ballots at any designated Early Voting site. However, on Election Day, voters must vote in the site designated for their Voter Precinct—thankfully, that also is here on the Ranch.

Those voters who are 65 or older or who are disabled under the state’s definition may request and vote a ballot by mail. These must be requested from and then returned to the Denton County Elections office; complete information on that process is shown on their website at

For more information on registering to vote, including registering online, check that same website. You also can find information on your elected officials and how to contact them. As we get closer to the next election, there will be voter registration service provided by various groups in the foyer of the clubhouse. Watch for the HOA announcement for details.