County Road Projects Benefiting Robson Ranch

Dianne Edmondson, County Commissioner Pct. 4

It’s now officially been fall for several weeks, and the chill in the air is very welcome after the scorching summer temperatures.

Crawford Road

Our efforts to move forward with the Crawford Road reconstruction have finally paid off! With the Argyle School District agreeing to sell the Town of Argyle the tiny triangle piece of right of way needed at John Payne to construct the roundabout, the remainder of the engineering can now be done and Argyle hopes to send out the bid specs this month.

This is a joint project with Argyle, City of Denton, and Denton County each being a financial partner, with the County paying the lion’s share of this much-needed project. Utilities are to be moved very soon, and we hope that construction can begin towards the end of the year, weather permitting.

Our thanks go to Representative Lynn Stucky and County Judge Andy Eads who were very instrumental in helping me to bring about this right of way purchase.

Emergency Services Road

Another important project that will greatly benefit Robson Ranch is the extension of the street which runs directly in front of the Harvest Emergency Services District fire station. It is from this station that between three and five emergency calls to Robson Ranch are handled each day.  Currently, the trip requires several sharp turns onto Old Justin Road, then onto Faught Road, and finally onto Robson Ranch Road to enter our community. If we can get a road leading directly from that fire station across Old Justin Road, then through The Ridge neighborhood and onto Robson Ranch Road to enter at Orangewood, the response time will be cut by at least two minutes, possibly more. Those precious few minutes can mean the difference in life or death as the Emergency Medical Teams arrive.

I have been working with several entities to try and make this happen: the developer of Harvest, Hillwood; the town of Northlake, and the developer of The Ridge at Northlake. We are all in agreement that this “shortcut” is a desirable outcome and will continue seeking a common-sense solution that will benefit emergency responders from the ESD and from the Northlake Police Department (who will have jurisdiction in The Ridge).

I will keep you posted on these projects and others of mutual interest. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at 972-434-3960. If you would like to receive our periodic e-newsletter, please email me at [email protected].