Democratic Club of Robson Ranch Education and Fun

New Democratic Club board members

Lavelle Carlson

In the last two years Robson Ranch Democratic Club has seen exponential growth. This is the result of the group expanding two of its mission purposes: providing education of diverse political issues through speakers, and increasing social opportunities for its members. The new board has been busy working on revising the bylaws to catch up with this growth. The new board members are: Margo Ways, co-president; Larry Lewis, co-president; Richard Rosprim, vice president; Lavelle Carlson, secretary; Stan Brein, treasurer. We have several new committees.

A big thanks go out to many who have been instrumental in the growth. Thanks to the outgoing board members: Wayne Friesner, co-president; Patti Kelly, co-president. In addition to the board members and committee heads we have many members who are active in voter registration and working at the polls to provide a smoother voting process for all. Our thanks go to a couple of people who have been instrumental in the growth of the Democratic Club. Richard Kushmaul, along with Tom Cindric, were instrumental in re-starting the club. Richard remains active in maintaining lists, updating everyone on the progress, and working tirelessly to help maintain a clean Robson Ranch Road (often in inclement weather). Kara Engstrom, precinct chair, is instrumental in educating members via updates on persons running for office, diverse speakers, and information on upcoming bills, as well as other jobs like managing the Facebook page and our Zoom meetings.

Many new activities are being added as we resume meeting in person. We will continue to have local speakers; i.e., city council members, mayor, school board members, and other officials. This is in keeping with our mission statement to provide members with good and valid information for voting. The Democratic Club provides our members with valid and factual information to follow the activities of the elected leaders to determine their effectiveness in creating laws that benefit all.

In addition, the Robson Ranch Democratic Club provides fun social opportunities for its growing membership. The members had a fun evening of socializing and getting to know the new members at a hamburger dinner at the Robson Ranch Grill at the end of May. We also plan to have a large contingent of members celebrating the July 4 parade (on July 3 this year) in their golf carts, walking, and riding in their cars. Be sure to check our HOA postings for future events.

For those wishing to participate in the July 4 parade, go to and sign up. Then, let Margo Ways know via email at [email protected]. For those wishing to join this forward-thinking visionary group, visit More information can also be accessed on our Facebook page,