NxNW Out of Hibernation

Inaugural Great American Road Rally

Cherlyn Conway

After a long, long COVID-19 nap and freeze-mageddon on Osprey, Willet, Cinnamon, and Brant, the North x Northwest (NxNW) neighbors emerged safely out of hibernation to enjoy the recent Maui Dance.

With intense determination, a plan developed to be the right time stamp to snag the limited sought-after tables. Thirty neighbors and friends were able to shed the mask, social distancing, and hand sanitizer to get up close, personal, and have conversations, cocktails, and meet on the dance floor.

This neighborhood always has a huge turnout for dance events. No surprise that our famous neighborhood circle dance was the main attraction most of the evening, not only for the NxNW group but other party goers wanting in on the action. Even the folks that feel they do not have any dance moves can still participate in the fun, everyone can move your feet and wave your arms. If the beat overcomes you, it could be you out in the circle strutting your moves. Everyone was so ready for fun there was not much sitting down nor time to consume many beverages.

The COVID-19 adventure might have slowed down the neighborhood, but nearing the end when it was safe, NxNW did it’s best to stay connected by resuming the events that make this neighborhood so special.

* Drinks on the Driveway, one month we even had the Amazon driver stop and deliver packages and have a soda.

* The ladies Whine Chat came alive with small groups meeting in outdoor spaces.

* Monthly Dine Around started meeting at the Wildhorse Restaurant with limited seating.

The main goal was being safe and protecting each other with social distancing, masking up, and lots of sanitizer but also enjoying each other’s company.

On May 22, this fun and busy neighborhood held the inaugural Great American Road Rally. You might have seen 19 teams of two in golf carts or cars sporting checkered flags with a hidden clue map in hand, searching the street and using the Google app to get around the ranch to find the destination of the rally flags. Social time at the grill followed with prizes to the top three teams that collected the most rally flags. The planning group on this event was amazing, spending many hours in preparation and its success showed.

The next event for NxNW will be securing a prime viewing location along the parade route on July 3, to cheer on all the participants. The NxNW golf carts will be flush with food, beverages, and red, white, and blue.

Summer will continue with the usual monthly planned events; fall will find us preparing the second annual Chili Cookoff and holiday party. It is not uncommon to see our neighbors and friends around the Ranch, playing pickleball, golf, bocce, toss, or at the pool, fitness center, and gym daily.

We love our little Northwest corner of the Ranch. Drive by the neighborhood and, if you see us out, stop and say hey and see how fun is done!