Denton Animal Shelter in Need of Donations

Debbie Kearns

The Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center (940-349-7594), located at

3717 N. Elm St., is in need of the following donations.

The shelter is still operating, but all visits inside are by appointment only.

Frisks pate wet cat food

Purina cat chow (dry adult)

Purina kitten chow (dry)

Purina dog food (dry-adult)

Purina puppy chow (dry)


Dryer sheets

HE (high efficiency) liquid laundry detergent

Small fleece kennel blankets

Pedigree dog/cat food also is acceptable

Due to COVID-19, donations are to be left in front of the building at the door. If you need assistance, please ring the bell to the right of the door and someone will assist you in unloading items.

Interested in adoption? Visit and click on a pet’s photo to see when that specific pet is available.

To see a pet for possible adoption, please call Monday through Saturday 24 hours before that pet is available to make an appointment. At present, appointments are set at 15 minute intervals.

Masks are required to enter the building.