Designing At Carol’s: Silver and Gold

Abby McIntyre

We are fabulously wealthy, friend. This year, though overwhelmingly centered around a pandemic, has been a blessing in disguise. Our unique situation has given many the chance to reflect on what is genuinely important in life, and reconnect with loved ones. The odd predicament has shown us what rich company we are surrounded by on a daily basis and what truly brings us joy. This holiday season, we want to focus on the richest colors of them all: silver and gold! In the spirit of the year, we’re going back to the basics to help you create that wonderful holiday cheer in your home.

Not only do silver and gold convey the magic of holiday festivities, but they give your home the essence of elegance. Pairing the colors with white allows you to create a glittering whimsical wonderland in your home that is sure to bring you happiness this season. Opt for a flocked tree and garland paired with shiny ornaments to pull your room together. The combination of bright white with the shimmering silver and gold will reflect the light in the room to make it feel larger. This is a wonderful option if your home is already decorated with light neutrals and creams. If your home has a darker color scheme, try coupling metallic ornaments and decorations with black. This will create a holiday backdrop that brings the drama. Introducing rich velvets and matte finishes will enhance the luxurious atmosphere for your holiday scape. Additionally, one of fall 2020’s biggest patterns is leopard print. If you have already incorporated the print into your home this season, this color combination is sure to coordinate your everyday style with your holiday décor.

Perhaps you enjoy more color in your holiday decorating. Incorporating opulent jewel tones is the perfect way to splash color into your space. Start by using silver and gold as your neutral base. Then, add in pops of ruby red for a classic Christmas color scheme or go bold with a combination of amethyst purple, sapphire blue, and emerald green. Try to pick different finishes for each color, or select tone on tone patterns to add a designer touch to your space. Of course, the finishing touch to any of these options is the ribbon tied at the top of the tree! Whether you have decided on the classic silver and gold only, paired them with a light or dark neutral, or gone with bright pops of color this holiday season, be sure to find a wired ribbon that includes all of your colors to tie around your home to add a bit of cheer.

So, remember friend, we are fabulously wealthy this holiday season. Here at Carol’s Custom Draperies, let us take on the joy of helping you with your holiday decorating by trusting us to provide the perfect textured throw or transitional pillow for your space! Give us a call at 940-565-8337 to set up your design appointment!

Happy designing!