Designing With Carol

Abby McIntyre

It is officially spring time in Texas friends! What a beautiful time of year to experience. From the proud bluebonnets growing strong across the state to the happy little brown-eyed-susan’s covering fields in abundance, the colors blanketing the Lone Star State are unparalleled. It is easy to draw inspiration from the bright world around us during March. Luckily for us, interior design in 2019 is focusing on reintroducing color into the home. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite color trends for this spring. So, sit back and relax friend, we’ll bring you up to date on all the latest color trends you need to know for the vibrant season ahead.

As we mentioned last month, Pantone named ‘Living Coral’ as 2019’s color of the year. This is the perfect color to brighten up any small space in your home, especially if there is a lack of natural lighting. Think of a tiny bathroom or a home office that needs a little life brought back into it. Coral will energize any space. If it’s a bathroom you are trying to revamp, think of bringing in coral hand towels and bathmats into the space. This will liven the small space without being too overwhelming. Perhaps you are needing to redo an office space. Try incorporating a large area rug with different shades of coral, pink and orange to bring other shades into the room’s color scheme. Another major color trend for spring is desert pink. Incorporating desert pink into the color scheme alongside your coral will give any room a dreamy, feminine feel.

Trending on the opposite end of the color spectrum are deep blues and heavily saturated hunter greens. These colors are perfect for spaces that offer tons of natural light sources. The light streaming through the windows will allow these deep colors to truly have their time in the spotlight. These colors, when paired with a stark white can make a bold statement in your home. Upholstering a sofa or accent chair in a rich hunter green or deep blue adds an essence of elegant sophistication to a room. However, upholstery is not the only way to bring color into your space. Think of bringing these colors in through the artwork on your walls or the vases you put your flowers in. Putting bright coral or yellow flowers in a deep blue glass vase adds pizzazz to the room. The color combination is not for the faint of heart but when done successfully can make a bold statement and bring energy into the space. Sometimes it is the smallest of changes that make the biggest statements.

If you are feeling inspired by the colors around you this spring, friend, stop by and see us! Here at Carol’s we would love to help you color your world. Come see us at our showroom at 535 S. Locust St., Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. or call us at 940-565-8337 to set up your design appointment!

Happy designing!