Designing With Carol: Leave winter behind

Consider some changes to your decorating for spring.

Carol Collins

After the wet, cold weather we’ve had this winter, leaving winter behind is on the top of my list! Driving around town this week I’ve seen daffodils and Texas blue bonnets sprouting up everywhere. The vibrant colors of these beautiful flowers give me inspiration for the interior of my home. It’s time to put away the woolen afghans and blankets and replace them with refreshing new pillows and lightweight throws. Might I even suggest new dressings for your bed? You could add brightly colored sheets that boast an array of flowers to bring back memories of playing in a field of flowers we all did as children.

Throw open the draperies and let the sunshine in. Now is a great time to evaluate your window coverings. Linen is the fabric of choice for draperies this spring. Choose from solid color to intricately embroidered pieces in soft colors. Add an iron drapery rod with rings to continue the light and airy look. No need for full draperies. Opt for side panels on your windows with blinds or shades for privacy. Hunter Douglas has so many beautiful choices for your windows. My favorite to continue the soft, airy look is the Silhouette® shading, with the Signature S-Vane™, magically floating between two sheers and diffusing harsh sunlight. Simply tilt the vanes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy. Not only are they beautiful but also the shadings give you protection from the UV rays that will be upon us before long.

Some of you might be so bold as to add color to your interior with the painting of a wall or even an entire room. Add a texture to the surface. I added a tea-stain look to my bedroom to give it a fresh, new look. Even the addition of a small, interesting table or chest colorfully decorated with interesting pulls will bring interest to a selected place. Many DIY kits are available to help you transform the ordinary into spectacular.

As the flowers continue to bloom and fill your landscape, bring cuttings inside to not only add color, but also fragrance as well. A vase in the kitchen and even the bedroom, who can resist?

Oh, did I mention your patio? It’s time to bring out the patio cushions, fluff them a bit and display them as invitations to neighbors and friends to come and sit a while.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with where to start and what to do? That’s where we at Carol’s can step in and assist you in obtaining the look you want. Give us a call at 940-565-8337. My team and I are looking forward to bringing spring into your home.

And as always…happy decorating.