Dicey Dames forge bonds over Bunco

Dicey Dames having a great time rolling the dice!

Vicki Baker

Let the good times roll! That’s just what a group of 16 “dicey dames” did at their monthly Bunco game in February. They arrived at the home of Vicki Baker, the February host, with $5 in hand to play the game of chance. The simple game of Bunco requires no strategy or decision making, just 100% luck and good times with good friends. Three dice clattered across each table. Four women seated at each table had a stake in how the dice would land. As the white cubes tumbled, they kept up their chatter. When the dice came to a stop showing three of a kind, conversation ceased. But only for an instant. “Bunco!” the women called out with ear-splitting exuberance. Reaction rippled through the house, then play resumed. After completing two intense rounds, the group broke for an array of snacks and desserts. Then back to the tables for the final round. The afternoon ended with the payout of the much envied cash prizes.