Drone Club Meeting: Christmas Magic @Robson Ranch

Photo by Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson, Drone Club President

The first 2022 meeting of the Drone Club Robson Ranch Texas was held on Monday, Jan. 24, at the Creative Arts Technology Center. We had a good group of attendees, including both new and current members.

Our meeting theme was “Christmas Magic @Robson Ranch” with an agenda that included Key Images Captured (attendee lively query of if the image was captured by a drone or a ground-based camera), Drone Shot Strategy (why selected key images were chosen to review), Tools Used (brand of drones, ground-based camera, and Adobe Lightroom to capture the images), and the Wrap-Up (premier of the YouTube music video “Christmas Magic @Robosn Ranch”).

Attendee discussion feedback included: What is required by the FAA to fly a drone safely at night? What brand of drone was chosen to fly and why? If I purchased a drone in the future, what would be the purpose to fly it? Best location to fly my recently purchased drone? What websites are recommended to learn more about which drone I should purchase, and who in the Drone Club can be my mentor on flying a newly purchased drone?

The Drone Club has no dues, and we meet the fourth Monday of each month at the Creative Arts Technology Center in Room 104 starting at 7 p.m.

Our next Drone Club meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 28, with Dennis Brooks (Drone Club VP) presenting a unique accessory that allows FPV (First Person View) flight with any drone.

We hope to see you then.