Need Information About Clubs and Classes?

How many people have you met who moved to Robson Ranch during the COVID-19 outbreak? If you talk with them, they will say that they are just now getting into the swing of the Robson lifestyle. And the people who have been residents for a while, are just now getting back into that lifestyle.

The HOA Facilities Committee wants to provide an opportunity for our residents—new and old—to get information about activities and options available to them through clubs and classes. The Facilities Committee is sponsoring an Open House in the Lone Star Ballroom at the clubhouse on Saturday, March 5, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Representatives of clubs and class instructors at Robson Ranch will be in the ballroom to answer questions about their clubs or classes. In a brief period, residents can seek out new activities that best suit them.

Put the Open House on March 5 on your calendar to see what activities you might be missing.